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Palliative care is an area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients, and others, including their families.

Even if manual therapies such as shiatsu and massage might not be capable of radical treatment or curative treatment for serious diseases, shiatsu and massage could be effective in helping to manage those symptoms.
If you are considering shiatsu therapy as an option to relieve pain, edema or numbness, please feel free to consult with me.

Also, manual therapies and functional training provided by a national licensed Anma, Massage, and Shiatsu Therapist can be covered by Japanese health insurance, upon receiving a doctor's statement.
The coverage does not depend on what disease you have but on what kind of symptoms you have.
Only when a doctor determines that a patient needs shiatsu, massage or functional training, can one’s sessions be covered under the national health insurance, the social insurance, or the medical insurance system for the elderly aged 75 or above. There are some exceptions.
For more information, please contact me.


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