Megumi Shiatsu Clinic

Fee and Session

Treatment fee

Shiatsu / Aromatic Oil Massage

First Visit
¥9,000 (tax included)
Counseling 15 min. + Treatment 90 min.
Return Visit
¥7,000 (tax included)
Treatment 90 min.

Prenatal Shiatsu / Prenatal Aromatic Oil Massage

First Visit
¥9,000 (tax included)
Counseling 15 min. + Treatment 70 min.
Return Visit
¥7,000 (tax included)
Treatment 70 min.

We accept CASH ONLY.

Appointment only

To make sure that each patient can have a personal and relaxing time at Megumi Shiatsu Clinic, please make an appointment.

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Cancellation Policy

To avoid being charged for a missed appointment, please provide 12 hours notice to cancel your appointment.

  • If you have to leave the clinic by a specific time for the next engagement, please let me know in advance so that I can organize your session accordingly. Usually, a patient will be asked to fill out an interview sheet before the session, and will take some time to have a rest with a cup of herb tea after the session.
  • A change of clothes for your session is available at no charge.
  • The clinic is child-friendly. Parents with children are welcome! Toys and books are available. Baby-sitting service can be arranged on request.
  • You can deduct your treatment costs at Megumi Shiatsu Clinic as medical expenses on your tax return, if you are living and filing your income-tax return in Japan.
  • Please be assured that your privacy and your personal information are respected, and they will not be made available to a third party.

How Your Session Proceeds:

① Filling out an interview sheet

On the sheet, you will be asked about your condition, your current and past medical history, and your family medical history.

② Questioning, inspection, and palpation

Simple physiotherapeutic tests will be conducted if needed.

③ Designing your session for the day

According to your conditions and your requests, let's talk and design your session for the day together.

④ Getting ready for the session

Please remove accessories and tight stockings for your better relaxation.

Shiatsu: A change of relaxing clothes is available for free.

Oil Massage: If you need oil massage on your upper body, please remove your clothes down to your waist since the massage oil will be applied directly to your skin. For massage of legs, paper panties for women and cloth short pants for men are available for free.

⑤ Shiatsu and Massage

Please feel free to tell me how you are feeling during the session - too much pressure, need more pressure, painful, pleasurable, tickling, uncomfortable, cold, hot, thirsty, etc. Your feedback is very valuable for me to know how your body is reacting to the stimuli of Shiatsu and massage. Of course, falling asleep is also a good response of your relaxed body!

⑥ Relaxing time with a cup of herb tea

After the session, please have a relaxing time with a cup of herb tea. In the meantime, I will give you some tips about stretching and self-massage to take care of your body at home if needed.

As for the payment, we accept CASH ONLY.

I recommend that you have a Shiatsu session on a regular basis so as to maintain your body and soul in good shape. Please ask about the most suitable pace to have your sessions. I will arrange the next session for you.

Take care on your way back and have a good rest at home later in the day.