Megumi Shiatsu Clinic

Therapists Mika Takezaki

竹崎 美香
  • Director of shiatsu & massage – Reborn Clinic
  • Massage and Shiatsu Practitioner, License No. 146050
  • Graduated from Japan Shiatsu College
  • Member of Shiatsu Study Group for Women’s Health
  • Member of Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan
  • Therapist of Manual Lymph Drainage

Tsuda University (BA in International & Cultural Studies), University of Michigan (Master of Public Policy & MA in Applied Economics), Daito Bunka University (JD)

Interested: Manipulations for heal & sleep (tactile care, lymph drainage)
Favorite things: Kodo (incense burning), Blood donation, to explore the new road (and to be lost, eventually ; ) )

We hold enormous powers in our hands. They weave through our daily lives, aid us in conveying our thoughts and harness miraculous energies that are capable of curing diseases. I have had the experience of being healed by the hands of a skilled therapist, and was so touched and inspired by that single experience that I later on decided to study manual therapy in-depth myself. While working for a Japanese company, I attended Japan Shiatsu College and obtained my national license as a “massage and shiatsu practitioner”.

I have come to understand the human body as both mysterious and profound. Despite my qualification as a shiatsu practitioner, I feel like I’ve only touched the tip of an iceberg and am still humbly learning and eagerly pursuing a continuing education in this field. I hope to treat each and every patient of mine with sincerity, and help them achieve a better state of mind and body through the power of shiatsu.

My goal or personal style of shiatsu therapy is to provide clients with a warm, deep penetrating acupressure touch without evoking pain. I am particularly interested and specialized in working with women's specific disorders, chronic pain and insomnia issues.

My Learning Experiences

  • Completed the DK Body International Anatomy Workshop at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2017 & 2018)

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