Megumi Shiatsu Clinic

About Therapists

Since its opening eight years ago, Megumi Shiatsu Clinic has grown from the vision of a single shiatsu practitioner into what is now a professional team of three like-minded female experts, who are each director of their own shiatsu treatment clinics. Together, we are committed to continuing education, exchanging knowledge, and integrating one another’s experiences while honing each individual’s specialized skills and techniques.

Kayo Hasebe runs her own shiatsu treatment clinic called Liko. She was trained as a sports trainer and oil massage therapist at the Japan Shiatsu College. With extensive experiences working in sports-related fields and gyms, Kayo specializes in treating sports injuries. Her relatively large hands gave her an edge over others in providing firm and deep acupressure without being aggressive.

Mika Takezaki is the owner of Scent, Silence & Sleep Shiatsu Clinic. If I had to describe her treatment therapy in one word, I would use the word "healing". Her shiatsu style is soft, gentle and deeply relaxing. Besides trained in Manual Lymph drainage and Taktil Care, Mika is also an active therapist in the field of women’s health issues and palliative care.

Ms. Hasebe and Ms. Takezaki both uphold great integrity, quality skills, and a common passion for shiatsu. As someone who works day in and out myself, I too often approach them to receive shiatsu treatment for the regular maintenance of my general health. If you would like to schedule a treatment session with either one of them, feel free to contact them personally or get in touch with us at Megumi Shiatsu Clinic. I am delighted and happy to introduce these two wonderful manual therapists to the people of Nakano Fujimicho and Greater Tokyo!

Megumi Okubo
Director of Megumi Shiatsu Clinic
February 2021


About menus and treatment fees of Kayo Hasebe and Mika Takezaki, please see their websites.